Month: May 2020

Loma Linda Health Library

Loma Linda Health Library (ARCHIVE): “Discussing Death With Children”; particularly in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Signs of the Times Magazine (ARCHIVE)

Signs of the Times Magazine (ARCHIVE): “The Fear of Death”; is a real fear that is being made clearer in light of COVID-19, economic collapse, political turmoil, increasingly powerful natural disasters, and personal crisis. This article outlines practical ways of dealing with “the fear of death”.

Vibrant Life Magazine (ARCHIVE)

Vibrant Life Magazine (ARCHIVE): “What? Me Worry?” This article discusses worry and practical ways not to get worn out by worry.

Internet Radio Station Update

InformInspire Internet Radio Update

Starting on Sunday, 5/24/20 the following audiobooks will be played (one chapter per day in each playlist):

The Story of Jesus (adapted for children and youth)

Christ’s Object Lessons (parables of Christ)

Pastor Shelvan Arunan, PhD – Can Faith Save Us From Coronavirus? (Mizo SDA Church Sermon); Translator: Upa Vanlalsawma Chhakchhuak. This message points out the need of having a practicing faith of a mustard seed and using wisdom to exercise “distancing” while facing the “Goliath” of the coronavirus pandemic. Travis Afflick, Kingsview SDA Church: “Reconnecting in Isolation”. The blessings of isolation are discussed in this video.

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