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Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT): “How to Protect Yourself From Super Viruses, Part 1”

Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT): “How to Protect Yourself From Super Viruses, Part 1”. Here are some practical steps that one can take in fighting against “super viruses”.

God’s Farmacy Book and DVD Set (for purchase).

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Charcoal Remedies – Complete Manual for the XXI Century (for purchase)

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“Healthy Juices” (Book for purchase)

Healthy Juices

Purifying and Weight Loss Cures;
People’s health is being damaged more and more by the contemporary lifestyle. In spite of counting on the best monetary resources, millions of human beings around the world face serious health problems that could be prevented. For that reason, it is important to discover the healthy power of drinks, which, apart from delighting us with their delicious flavors, contribute to the well-being of the body and help to combat and prevent many disorders.

“El Poder Medicinal de los Jugos” (Libro para comprar)

El estilo de vida contemporáneo está deteriorando cada vez la salud de las personas. A pesar de contar con más y mejores recursos económicos, hoy millones de seres humanos enfrentan serios problemas en el área sanitaria que son evitables. Por eso, es necesario descubrir el poder medicinal de las bebidas, las cuales, además de deleitarnos con sus exquisitos sabores, favorecen el bienestar del cuerpo y ayudan a combatir y prevenir muchos trastornos.

Reversing Diabetes Naturally DVD Set (for purchase)

Reversing Diabetes Naturally DVD Set

This life-changing series unlocks the power of a non-drug approach for type 2 diabetes. Viewers will learn how to address the root cause of this disorder known as “insulin resistance” and much, much more.

Uchee Pines Institute (ARCHIVE): “Constipation”

Uchee Pines Institute (ARCHIVE): “Constipation”. Some causes and remedies regarding constipation are outlined in this article.

Lifestyle Magazine (ARCHIVE): “Enjoy The Holidays Without Making Your Scale Cry ‘Uncle!'”

“Guarding Your Thoughts”: Pastor Mark Finley (SERMON ARCHIVE)

Pastor Mark Finley (SERMON ARCHIVE): Guarding Your Thoughts
Related to joy is guarding one’s thoughts and focus.
#Guarding #Heart #Joy #Thoughts

Tears of Joy: 10 Natural Remedies Onions Provide: Lifestyle Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine (ARCHIVE): Tears of Joy: 10 Natural Remedies Onions Provide

“Improve Your Mood By Food”: Weimar Institute-NEWSTART CLUB

Weimar Institute-NEWSTART CLUB (ARCHIVE): “Improve Your Mood By Food” by Elizabeth Hall
What we consume can combat negative emotions and enhance positive emotions. The article also points out connections between anger and caffeine consumption.

The power of mushrooms and more; the “mighty mushroom”: Lifetalk Radio

Lifetalk Radio, Health and Longevity Radio (PODCAST ARCHIVE):
The power of mushrooms and more; the “mighty mushroom”.
#Alzheimer’s #Cancer #Dementia #Health #Medicine #Mushroom #Wellness

“More Than Pink: Breast Cancer’s Colorful Fighters”: Message Magazine

Message Magazine (ARCHIVE): More Than Pink… by Helen Powell-Stoddart, MD, MS

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