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Hartland Institute (ARCHIVE): “Is Sitting the New Smoking?”

Hartland Institute (ARCHIVE): “Is Sitting the New Smoking?” This article not only points out sitting a long time but how we sit can subject one to similar health risks that smokers face. Moving around could very well be a good New Year’s and New Decade resolution.

“Guarding Your Thoughts”: Pastor Mark Finley (SERMON ARCHIVE)

Pastor Mark Finley (SERMON ARCHIVE): Guarding Your Thoughts
Related to joy is guarding one’s thoughts and focus.
#Guarding #Heart #Joy #Thoughts

“Improve Your Mood By Food”: Weimar Institute-NEWSTART CLUB

Weimar Institute-NEWSTART CLUB (ARCHIVE): “Improve Your Mood By Food” by Elizabeth Hall
What we consume can combat negative emotions and enhance positive emotions. The article also points out connections between anger and caffeine consumption.

“Walk, Don’t Run. …”: Message Magazine

Message Magazine (ARCHIVE): Walk, Don’t Run. An Hour A Day Can Turn Off Your Fat Genes by Dr. Richard G. Berry
Surprising benefits of good old-fashioned walking. Be sure to heed the caution of checking yourself out with a physician before taking up an exercise program.

“Physical Exercise for Cancer”: Loma Linda Health Library

Physical Exercise for Cancer; More help for cancer patients. Loma Linda Health Library. Be mindful of the warnings and precautions in this article.

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