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Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT): “How to Protect Yourself From Super Viruses, Part 1”

Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT): “How to Protect Yourself From Super Viruses, Part 1”. Here are some practical steps that one can take in fighting against “super viruses”.

Ministry Magazine (ARCHIVE): “Your life and lifestyle”

Ministry Magazine (ARCHIVE): “Your life and lifestyle”. Practical actions that can be taken to strengthen the body’s “Department of Defense” (immune system) are stated in this archive.

1 Peter 5:7 (KJV)

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

God’s Farmacy Book and DVD Set (for purchase).

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Kettering Health Network (ARCHIVE): “Managing Stress Quiz”

Kettering Health Network (ARCHIVE): “Managing Stress Quiz”. Here is a quiz to get an evaluation regarding how one is stressed. Please share it with others. Read the Disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage.

Loma Linda Health Library (ARCHIVE): “How Color Can Help You De-Stress”

Loma Linda Health Library (ARCHIVE): “How Color Can Help You De-Stress”. Yes, colors can be effective in dealing with stress. Read how in the article.

Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 313

When times are stressful and seemingly insurmountable…

“All who have chosen God’s service are to rest in His care. Christ pointed to the birds flying in the heavens, to the flowers of the field, and bade His hearers consider these objects of God’s creation. “Are not ye of much more value than they?” He said. Matthew 6:26, R. V. The measure of divine attention bestowed on any object is proportionate to its rank in the scale of being. The little brown sparrow is watched over by Providence. The flowers of the field, the grass that carpets the earth, share the notice and care of our heavenly Father. The great Master Artist has taken thought for the lilies, making them so beautiful that they outshine the glory of Solomon. How much more does He care for man, who is the image and glory of God. He longs to see His children reveal a character after His similitude. As the sunbeam imparts to the flowers their varied and delicate tints, so does God impart to the soul the beauty of His own character.

All who choose Christ’s kingdom of love and righteousness and peace, making its interest paramount to all other, are linked to the world above, and every blessing needed for this life is theirs. In the book of God’s providence, the volume of life, we are each given a page. That page contains every particular of our history; even the hairs of the head are numbered. God’s children are never absent from His mind.

‘Be not therefore anxious for the morrow.'” Matthew 6:34, R. V. We are to follow Christ day by day. God does not bestow help for tomorrow. He does not give His children all the directions for their life journey at once, lest they should become confused. He tells them just as much as they can remember and perform. The strength and wisdom imparted are for the present emergency. ‘If any of you lack wisdom,’—for today,—’let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.’ James 1:5.”

Carbón Medicinal – Manual Completo para el Siglo XXI (para comprar)

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Charcoal Remedies – Complete Manual for the XXI Century (for purchase)

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