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2019 10-10

AudioVerse.org; Mind Your Own Busyness:…

AudioVerse.org; Mind Your Own Busyness: The Mental Health Crisis in the Professional World. Today is World Mental Health Day. No, “Busyness” is not a typo. Insights into how mental health impacts people specifically from a professional perspective and an individual perspective.

2019 09-29

Walter Pearson (SERMON ARCHIVE): Overnight

Walter Pearson (SERMON ARCHIVE): An encouraging message for all, including the suicidal. God can change the most negative situations “overnight”. Hear this message.

2019 09-24

How you can help your kids deal with suicidal thoughts:

Loma Linda University Health: How you can help your kids deal with suicidal thoughts. Does your kid or kids have suicidal thoughts? Does a kid or kids that you know have suicidal thoughts? Here are some actions that you can take:

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